Calgary, Jan. 2014

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I love being here in Calgary with my son, daughter-in-law and grandson! It’s like having a second home. I always manage a trip to Edworthy Park, which is along the river, to take some pictures and today my son and their dog came along with me.

calgary 1 14-100smIt’s a lovely bright sunny day today in Calgary with barely any wind. There is a big of snow but the streets are clear and it’s warm. Here are some of my favourites:

calgary 1 14-103sm

calgary 1 14-108sm

calgary 1 14-107sm

calgary 1 14-106bwsm

calgary 1 14-105sm


calgary 1 14-102sm

One more day here in Calgary. I’m thinking of going to the mountains and taking some pictures there.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

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I got the idea for this post and the title from Alexandra Morrison:

Her post got me thinking about the Christmases in my past and the 2 Christmases that stand out for me.

The year was 2003. My grandson Ashton, was 2 years old and my son and his wife were coming from Calgary with him. Not only that, my mother and father in law were also coming from Vancouver to stay with us. We had a full house for Christmas. I loved it.

We had 24 for Christmas Eve dinner and 24 for Christmas dinner. The house was full of energy and fun with 4 generations of family.

It was a lot like the Griswold’s  Christmas in the famous movie Christmas Vacation.

We had a fire; we had a turkey that was raw and delayed dinner for 3 hours; we had the overloaded circuits that gave out and left us in darkness during dinner.

First the circuits. In anticipation of all these visitors, my ex husband went all out lighting our house. We had more lights than our circuits could bear. So when anyone went to the bathroom and turned on the  light, the lights in the house went out. Needless to say, we went to the bathroom in the dark.


The fire was my fault. I was toasting pecans in the toaster oven and went to do something else, turning my back on the toaster over. I was alone in the house, with my grandson sleeping upstairs. The pecans went on fire. There were flames. Leaping up on the cupboards. I was terrified. What to do! Grab the baby and run outside? Putting the fire out was my first instinct. I used water. Isn’t that what puts out fires? The water only made the flames go up higher reaching my cupboards. I did get the fire out but it was scary!

The wait for the turkey was unexpected but nobody was left starving. As I recall, we put out some snacks for people to nibble on. It only made the whole dinner than much tastier and added to the fun.

I’ve never had that many people for Christmas dinner since. It was a storybook Christmas. It is one that I will always remember.

Are there some Christmases that stand out for you? What are they? What made them special?

BTW: That 2-year-old little guy is now 11 and loves making videos, skiing and hockey. Here he is in his ski outfit before heading out to Canada Olympic Park to hit the slopes.

ashton in ski garb 2012

And here is his latest and best video to date. I think it’s hilarious. It’s only about a minute long but it’s so cute and well done. I love it. Take a minute and watch it at the link:


Calgary Dec. 2012

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I was in Calgary a week ago visiting my son and his family. I did get a few family pictures of them that I’ll post another day, but today’s post is about some of the nature photos that I managed to get while there.

I was there for 5 days, but the sun only came out one of the days.  Cloudy skies are great for portrait photography but don’t work well for landscapes as the light is flat. On this particular day, I went to one of my favourite spots for pictures; the bridge area in Edworthy Park. There is a very small waterfall near the bridge but because the water goes straight down and because you can stand right above it you can get some very interesting images.  As well, there was ice and snow mixed in with the water. My only wish for this outing was that I had brought my neutral density filter along and my fingerless gloves. My hands were freezing!

Really funny how one of my copyright images did a flip. I’m learning to use a Mac and also learning a new Photoshop edition. I never noticed the flip until it was uploaded. Looks kind of neat, don’t you think?

Here are some of the images from this day:

calgary 12 12-100sm

calgary 12 12-115sm

calgary 12 12-139sm



calgary 12 12-153-2sm


calgary 12 12-155-2sm


calgary 12 12-175sm


calgary 12 12-512-2sm


calgary 12 12-515sm



Bragg Creek and Kananaskis (Winnipeg Photographers)

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Today was a great day for photography in the Calgary area; puffy white clouds in the sky and snow still on the creeks and ponds made for some stunning scenes.

Photos will follow but first an interesting story from today.

I’m here looking after some beasts and my 10-year-old grandson. Ashton, my grandson, comes out with some very interesting comments. Today was no exception.

One of his favorite places in Calgary is Market Mall, so we headed there today. I had my Map Quest directions to follow so I would find it. Good plan right? I have no sense of direction but am usually fairly competent at following written instructions. Today was not one of those days. I made at least 4 wrong turns trying to get there. At one point, Ashton told me to go one way, but I thought I was supposed to go the other way, so I didn’t listen to him.

His comment to me was,” And who has lived in Calgary their whole life?” (Never mind that it’s only 10 years as compared to my 10x? years!)

Well, I did find the mall eventually and guess what I did on the way back? I let him direct me and we got home with no wrong turns!

Bravo Ashton!

Here are my favorite pictures taken today:

(Just a note; there are some sun flares in some of them. CS5 has a great tool to remove spots like that but I only have CS3 on my laptop, so will wait until I get back home to remove them.)

Calgary in April (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I’m in Calgary looking after my grandson and taking care of the animals; namely 2 cats and 2 dogs. I brought my dog, Taylor with me, which has caused a few problems with the cats. But things are under control, or rather Taylor is. Under control, meaning tied up or kenneled whenever the cats are near. And Annie, the dog in the first picture, is best friends with one of the cats and she is protects her feline friend at any sign of trouble. It’s so sweet to see this adorable  dog get in front of his cat friend when she thinks Taylor is getting too close.

I went out shooting today. First to a dog park and then to COP (Calgary Olympic Park) to take pictures of the new complex that the National Hockey  Team is practicing at.  Here are some of today’s photos.

I love this one of Annie driving the car. If you look closely you can see Taylor’s ear on the other side of the steering wheel.

Dog walkers in the park with the city behind them.

My favorite from today is an iPhone picture taken with an app called Slow Shutter. I’m having a great time trying out different cameras and photography editing apps on my phone.