What to Wear for Family Photos? (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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What to wear for your family photography session? It’s an important question and one that you should spend some time thinking about. After all, you are spending money on the session and so you want to look your best.

The first consideration is to wear something that you feel good in and that you like.

After that, there are some general rules:

  • The most important suggestion that I have re:clothing for a family session  is to avoid logos, bold stripes  and patterns. Your portrait should be about your face and not your clothing. Stripes, logos and patterns will distract from  your face.
  • Stick to solid colours.
  • If you are doing a family portrait it is best if everyone is wearing clothing in the same colour scheme. You can google this one to find pleasing colour schemes. Check out this Pinterest site for amazing colour ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/279363983111332407/
  • A white top and denim with a white background is one of my favorite combinations. Denim works well outside with black, white or almost any colour.
  • You can bring more than one outfit to a session.

Here are some examples of families that made great clothing choices:

Shades of grey

jesi 10 15-100sm


Love the soft blue with a grey backdrop!kathy 6 15-2sm


Black and demin is a great choice. michelle 10 15-178 bsm

Mixing grey, black and a grey purple.

naomi 9 15-1sm

Fall colours

shelby 10 14-100sm


A great example of how to bring colours together. I love, love this combo!
wendy 8 15-2sm


Mixing black and white can work as well. zelia 8 15-110sm


  • Children  look best in simple clothing and plain colours but if your son is attached to his Superman outfit, bring it along!
  • Avoid collars with small children as they tend to slide up and block their faces.
  • Bring a few outfits.
  • Newborns and children under the age of one have gorgeous skin and nothing shows off their natural innocence more than being naked or wearing just a diaper.
  • White gives a natural clean look to portraits of children.

ruth 2 11 15 (20)

chelsea 11 15-3sm

timothy 2 16-1smFinally, spend some time figuring out what to wear and ask me if you need help or suggestions.