Cutest Kids! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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This was a weekend of photographing the cutest kids: 2 3 years old (named Luke) and 2 babies!

I drove out to La Salle for this first session. I love doing sessions in client homes if they have sufficient window light and this house is amazing! (As well, anyone who buys my Baby’s First Year package is assured of getting one session in their home if they like.)

Here are 2 sweet boys in LaSalle.

Baby’s First Year! (Winnipeg Baby Photographers)

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One of my most popular plans is The Baby’s First Year Package. For this package you get 4 photography sessions in your baby’s first year plus a hard cover 8×11 photo book. The price for this package is $350, but for the next 4 weeks, I am offering it to clients for $300. The value of this package is:

  • $125 for the first newborn session
  • $80×3=$240 for the next 3 sessions
  • $400 for the photo book

That would equal a total of $665, offering a savings of $365!!

The first year of your child’s life is one of growth and change. In face, your child will again change as much as in that year. But you might say, “I take a lot of pictures of my baby with my phone. I take pictures every day.”

The question I would then ask you is,” What do you do with those pictures?” Do you ever compile and print them? Do you make a book of them? Where will they end up? Will they forever stay on your phone or computer? Isn’t it nicer to sit down and look at a book than look at a computer?

The following are the pages from a Baby’s First Year Book that I just created. This book will be a treasure that this family will have to look back on for years to come. What a lovely tribute to this child!

These are screen captures of the book, so are not indicative of the quality of the book. You will notice that we also did a maternity session for this book and I can do the same for you.

Give me a call if you are interested in this package or if you know someone who might be.



Beautiful One-Year Old! (Winnipeg Baby Photographers)

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It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since I met this beautiful one year old girl.

This was her a year ago:

madison 10 13-116smThis was her today with her cat and her mom! I love her delicate features and her high spirits. What a beauty!

madison 11 14-11bwsm madison 11 14-1bwsm madison 11 14-2sm madison 11 14-3sm


The cat looks a bit uncomfortable here and he ran away right after this image!madison 11 14-4sm




Your Baby’s First Year (Winnipeg Baby Photographers)

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Your baby will change more in that first year than any other year in their lives.

As a newborn, they are completely helpless. A newborn spends its day eating, crying and sleeping. By the time a baby is a year old, they are either crawling or walking, they are babbling and making all kinds of interesting faces. The changes are huge!

I love watching babies change in that first year, which is why I offer The Baby’s First Year Special.

The Baby’s First Year Special is made up of  4 sessions and a photo book for the cost of 2 sessions: $250. The value of this special is a total of $700!

It’s a great gift idea as well.

Have a look at these 2 First Year Books. (if the links don’t work, then copy and paste them into your browser.)


The book is a wonderful keepsake and in this age of digital photography, I think it’s absolutely essential to have your images printed. (But I won’t get into that right now.)

Get in touch with me if you or someone you know might be interested in this offer.

Baby’s First Year! (Winnipeg Newborn Photography)

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“If one feels the need of something grand, something infinite, something that makes one feel aware of God, one need not go far to find it. I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle.”

Vincent van Gogh

I think this quote explains why I love to photograph newborns. I feel the wonder of the Universe whenever I hold a newborn.

And because I love newborns so much, I am offering a great  special for your baby’s first year. Featured on this one is E, who recently turned 1 and is waiting for her book! What a change in one year! She’s a very active little girl now and can she ever run! I loved watching E grow up in this past year!

This is also a great gift idea for someone who is pregnant. I add a maternity session to this for only $300 and will add the maternity session to your photo book as well.

Call me or email me if you are pregnant or know someone who is. Capturing that first year is something you will always be thankful you did!


The First Steps (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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Today was an ideal day for pictures at the Forks. The clouds created a huge soft box in the sky and the crowds stayed away. On top of that, my one year old subject was in a great mood. This is the 5th time I have taken Q’s picture, starting from before he was born. I’m looking forward to creating his Baby’s First Year Book. It’s going to be magical. I find the changes in that first year of life so amazing. Buying the Baby’s First Year Plan, as Q’s parents did,  is a lovely way to capture and document those memories. Ask me about it if you’re interested.

As for my shoot today, I took over 400 pictures. I will shoot as long as a child is happy and Q was great today. I was lucky to get pictures of some of his first steps. He is just starting to walk.

Here’s a preview from today: