Baby’s First Year Club (Winnipeg Newborn Photographer)

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I have decided to reduce the price of “Baby’s First Year Club” for the rest of August.

The price will be $200 instead of $300. Baby’s First Year Club includes 4 photo shoots spaced out between the birth of your child until his first birthday, as well as an 8.5×11 hard cover photo book of your child’s first year.

If  you are expecting a baby or know someone who is, let them know about this offer. The Baby’s First Year Club membership also makes a great gift idea.

Call me if you have any questions or send me an email. My number is 204-669-0498 and my email is

pamphlet june 09 200sm

Bastille Day in Paris (Winnipeg Photographer)

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One of the highlights of my trip to Europe was Bastille Day in Paris. The fireworks were amazing but it was more the experience of the whole day. Military vehicles drove down the streets during the day and French flags were everywhere. It seemed like a great idea to see the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower and get some shots of this famous landmark all ablaze. I don’t know if my cousin and her family have forgiven me yet for suggesting this outing. I hope that in hindsite they can see the value of having been in a crowd of over a million people and having no way of getting back to our hotel except by using our own two feet.

We got to the Eiffel Tower site in plenty of time, which was maybe our first mistake because it only meant that we had to wait longer and breathe the smoke filled air for longer. There was no breeze at all, the temperature was over 30 C (as it was for most of our trip), and there were wall to wall people. And half of them were smoking. Smoking all around us. The French smoke a lot!! While people were waiting, they played cards, had picnics, drank, baby’s cried, children screamed and ran around and not only that. We were entertained a French singer who drove the crowd wild with excitement.  Unfortunately for us, he seemed to be able to croon out the songs with no break at all. Endless love songs in French. The speakers were enormous so he was loud. And there was  a big jumbo screen to watch him gyrate his hips if you were interested.  And people took pictures with all their point and shoots. I found it interesting to take pictures of the people taking pictures and capturing what it was they saw on their camera screen. The fireworks were amazing. There is no doubt about that as you will see in the video.

We left halfway through the fireworks because we were concerned about how all of these people would get home. We didn’t need to have bothered. There was only one way to get home and that was walking. People were crowded into subway stations like sardines. And I would rather walk for 2 hours than be pushed and shoved around in a crowd. So we walked. And we walked. We walked for 2 hours often not knowing if we were going the right way. There was no chance to getting a cab either. The streets were full of people walking in masse. Every once in a while a car would come through the crowd with the driver blasting his horn and not caring if he hit someone. It was every man for himself.

We got back to our hotel at 1 a.m. In the end, it was a memorable experience and I did get some great shots of the fireworks. But I would not do it again. Not unless I was assured of nobody smoking around me and safe passage out of the crowd. And really what are the chances of that happening?

Watch the video and enjoy!

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Chris in Europe 09 (Winnipeg Landscape Photographer)

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I had planned to blog while I was away but the time is going quickly and this is my first post. The fact is, that taking the pictures and downloading them is taking a lot of time.  Also internet connections are not always the best for uploading files. But here I am in Steyr, a beautiful city in Austria that also happens to be where I was born and where I lived the first five years of my life.  This is the highlight of my trip. Paris was great. Vienna was too but both are huge cites, especially Paris and I am more drawn to smaller places. Steyr has a population of 40,000 so it is a great size.  It also has some of the oldest buildings in Europe, as well as a variety of styles of archetecture (a subject I know virtually nothing about). We went to an abby a couple of days ago, which was amazing. We also were in Salzburg where there are many beautiful sites. The heat there was oppressive and there is not air conditioning. I didn’t feel that my images of Salzburg did it justice, as the heat got in the way.

Here are just  a few of the 1000s of pics that I’ve taken:

This first one is of the Claude Monet gardens in Giverny. The woman just happpened to be standing there wearing a perfect white dress.

claude monet-1301sm

The fireworks were part of the celebration of Bastille Day in Paris. There must have been a million people there. I’ve never been a part of a crowd that big and quite frankly, don’t care if I ever am again. I need to do some photoshopping with this one.

paris fireworks-20sm

This is the view from the fabulous hotel that I am staying in called Hotel Minichmayr. Isn’t that beautiful!! And the rooms, the staff and the food is wonderful. You can find them at this link:

room with a viewsm

Another image taken right from my hotel window.

steyr vienna-324-10sma

This was taken at the abby in St. (oops can’t remember right now). What a spot that is!! Simply amazing. There were even 1000s of skulls in the basement.


Hard to believe how quickly the time is going and that my trip is almost over, but it is. And soon I will be back in Winnipeg to pursue my other photography passion, and that is family, children and wedding pictures.


Wild and Wonderful Wedding (Winnipeg Wedding Photographer)

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Sometimes my job as a wedding photographer is so much fun that I can’t believe I am actually getting paid as well! Last night was one of those times. Jason and Ginette, the couple getting married, know how to have fun and so did all of their guests. It was exactly the kind of photography that I love. Jason has a name for it; NINJA Photography. I wonder if I should advertise using that name. Ninja Photography is about capturing the moment as it happens. And that’s what we did last night. Of course, Jason and Ginette made sure that there were many moments to captures. You can see some of them here.

First though some of the more serious moments.



wedding for blog-1bwsm

wedding for blog-2sm

wedding for blog-4sm

And now some of the seriously funny stuff!!

wedding for blog-11sm

wedding for blog-8sm

wedding for blog-6sm

You may wonder what that is up in the air. It’s the bride’s bouquet. What a great sport she was to take my partner’s suggeston and throw it like a ball. I love Jason’s and Ginette’s intense expressions while throwing the bouquet.

The house you see in this picture is where the wedding was and what a great night for an outdoor wedding.

Happy Honeymoon Jason and Ginette and much happiness in the years to come.


A beautiful and sweet baby girl (Winnipeg Newborn Photographer)

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This last week I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful baby girl. Not only is S adorable, she is also a very happy baby, which made my job twice as easy. Lucky Mom and Dad with this little angel!

Have a look at some of my favorites:

sara 7 09-4sm

sara 7 09-8absm

sara 7 09-47sm

sara 7 09-14sm

Isn’t she sweet?  And so expressive as well.

I am working on a wedding right now and will try to have some previews  of those pictures tonight before I leave for Paris in the morning. If you need to contact me while I’m away you can reach me at I made up the new email address because Shaw is not always available in foreign countries.  I am super excited!!

Take care,


Wedding Videos (Winnipeg Wedding Photographer)

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I just finished making a video of the wedding from a couple of weekends ago. Have a look:

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 It’s only 11 days till I fly to Paris. Am I excited? Very excited!! Watch for pictures of the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day!! Should be big WOW images!!

I want everyone to know that I will be raising my print prices in Sept.  Session fees will stay the same.  The reason for this is because I put a lot of work into images; it doesn’t matter whether you order a 4×6 print, or an 8×10 print.  Many photographers in fact, charge the same price for all prints from 4×6 to 8×10. I won’t do that. Here is the price format that I will be using:

4×6 $8

5×7  $15

8×10   $25

I am also increasing the price of DVDs purchased from portrait sessions from $200 to $250.

So if you want to avoid the price increases, book a session in August. I am also available for one more booking before I go to Europe.

Don’t delay or you will pay more!!

Love was in the Air!! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographer)

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Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Susan and Ron’s wedding. The day was rainy and wet, but everyone was sunny and full of smiles.  If you spend any time at all with this couple you can see how much they love each other. I really enjoyed shooting their wedding. Enjoy Las Vegas. I know that you will. Here are a few of my favorites pictures:

susan ron wedding june 09-32bwsm

susan ron wedding june 09-163sm

susan ron wedding june 09-164sm

susan ron wedding june 09-19sm susan ron wedding june 09-167bw

susan ron wedding june 09-194sm

I am almost finished developing this wedding.  Watch for it soon on my site.

Till next time,


Beautiful Wedding, Beautiful People (Winnipeg Wedding Photographer)

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Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at Bridges Golf Course.  The weather couldn’t have been better, blue skies with white fluffy clouds and the location was wonderful  Add a stunning bride to all of that and it makes for a beautiful day. Oh yes, the groom was gorgeous as well! My partner Mary and I enjoyed working with this easy going and fun couple. I am showing quite a few pictures as it was hard to choose just a couple.

K&W Wedding CM Photography_0016sm

K&W Wedding CM Photography_0036sm

K&W Wedding CM Photography_0181sm

K&W Wedding CM Photography_0208sm

K&W Wedding CM Photography_0221sm

K&W Wedding CM Photography_0247sm


The little flower girl was amazing as well.  As well as being as cute as a button, she also was very cooperative and enjoyed having her picture taken ; a natural for the camera.

Tomorrow is another wedding. The weather isn’t being as friendly, but we have some great ideas for locations and I think it will be awesome!


Fun Family (Winnipeg Family Photographer)

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It’s been a very busy few days. Today I’m sharing some of the family pictures that I did on Friday. On Saturday I shot a wedding, Sunday the marathon because my son was running in it, Monday’s shoot got cancelled, and then on Tues. I went with my husband and both sons to Granite Hills Golf Course in Lac du Bonnet. I didn’t golf but I did take about 350 pictures. I had a blast!!  I haven’t blogged in a few days, but I do have Friday’s pictures developed and the wedding is almost done. I’ll blog again later with the wedding pictures, but first the fun family. I had so much fun with these people!  A, the 10 year old little girl that you see, was a natural for the camera. She had ideas for poses and wanted me to take exactly the kind of pictures that I love taking; fun and action shots. Have a look. I think you’ll see what I mean.

young (2sm)


young (24)sm


young (36)sm

This pose was entirely A’s idea and I love it. Thanks for the great ideas A!

young (62sm)

I hope everyone is getting outside and enjoying this great summer weather. I have to remember to leave my computer and get out myself. I am a summer person and love the heat and being outside. Luckily, laptops are portable and the mosquitoes aren’t too bad, so I can sit outside and work!! Luckily for me, my husband likes to run errands, make deliveries, water the flowers, vaccuum, etc, etc.


Baby’s First Year (Winnipeg Child and Family Photographer)

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A baby changes more in the first year of their life than they ever will again. Having a visual record of that year is something that you will always treasure. I love photographing newborns and babies, which is why I am offering a special for the first year. Join my Baby’s First Year Club and you will get 4 photo sessions and an 8.5×11 hard cover photo book, all for the price of $300. Plus I will remind you when it is time for your next session. That would be a newborn session, followed by 4 months, 8 months and a one year session. You need to pay the $300 at the time of the first session in order to get the free photo book. If you pay as you go, I will still reduce the price of the one year session, but you will not get the free photo book.

collage frist yr small

The video of of one of my favorite clients. What a cutie!  Have a look at how much he changes. I did a session at birth, 3 months, 6 months, 8 months and a year for this couple.

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Feel free to email me or call me at 669-0498 if you have any questions.