Perfect in every way.

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing this 2 week old newborn.  Newborns are my personal favorites and this one was no exception. He was perfect in every way and very cooperative about getting his picture taken. I was able to get some pics of him with is eyes wide open and others with him peacefully sleeping. Lucky mom and dad with this little guy. 








Too cute, don’t you think?

If anyone is reading this and has a newborn, or knows of someone who will be having a newborn please note that I do have a First Year Special. If you get your newborn’s pictures done 4 times in her first year, then you have a choice of getting the fourth shoot for free or getting a beautiful first year album, or coffee table book free. I also charge $25 less for a newborn shoot. Newborns are $75, whereas other shoots are $100. The newborn price includes mom and dad but does not include any siblings of the newborn.

This is the last shoot that I need to edit before Christmas.  I have 2 others that need to be edited and also 2 more shoots that I will be doing before Christmas, but they don’t need to be completed before Christmas. The problem is that I need to get some Christmas stuff done. First off, I have cards made, but not mailed; then I need to do some decorating. Hopefully, get a tree up.  I also should buy some presents. (I do have some of that done.) I will be working on pictures, but really need to get away from the computer and do other stuff. It’s hard for me to get away from doing this. I really do love it.

Talk soon.

How Fast the Time Goes By

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Two years ago I met this family when I photographed the young couple’s wedding. Hard to believe. Where does the time go? I was happy to meet them all again and do their pictures. Any girls out there will want to pay close attention to B, the elegible brother in these pics.




Love is in the air

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On Saturday I did a mini session with this lovely couple. Since I work with children a lot (and love it!) it’s always such a nice treat to work with a couple who want their pictures taken. K and D came and were very comfortable with the camera which always makes a difference. The love that they have for each other is very apparent in the pictures that I took. I really enjoyed this shoot!



Beautiful Brown Eyed Girl

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On Friday I  took pics of D, a one year old with the biggest brown eyes that I have ever seen. She’s adorable. There’s no other way to describe her. D was very cooperative, especially for a one year old. At times it was obvious that she was a little confused about what was going on. Her way of communicating this idea was to put her arms out in front of her and look puzzled. So cute!!

Lucky grandma A, to have this sweet little munchin to look after. Here are a few of her images:






Wellington Crescent Beauty

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Today I had the pleasure of photographing B, who modeled for myself and another photographer in one of the older Wellington Crescent homes. The house was completely remodeled and updated with today’s modern conveniences while maintaining the original architecture of the house. Our model B, was the perfect addition to show off some of the features of the house. Have a look.

With Our Grandparents

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Last week I had the pleasure of photographing some children with their grandparents. ML, my school, has a tradition of having an annual Grandparents Assembly and the photographs were in conjunction with this event. The event itself was a big hit, with grandparents coming from as far away as Alberta. It was wonderful to see so many grandparents in attendance. The images that I am featuring are just a few of the children that I photographed along with their grandparents.


Pet Party Fun

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If you’re ever looking for a new idea for a child’s birthday party, why not try a pet party? My great niece S. had one on Saturday and it was a lot of fun.  The kids enjoyed it and so did the adults! Petland looked after the whole thing.  Someone from Petland came right to the house with all of animals (in cages of course}. There were lizards, a bearded dragon, a rabbit, a ferrit, a guinea pet, a cat and a dog. The kids were very well behaved and so were the critters.  There was a lot of petting and holding of the animals, as well as some precious looks from the kids. Here are some of my favorites.


How lucky was I to get that first shot of all eyes on me. Okay, maybe not luck, but charm and ability; lol.

 Next up will be some very cool kids’ pics of some super cool kids, done in the Exchange District. I can’t wait to get to those and to the ones of the stars at Bird’s HIll Park on Saturday night. Since this is my portrait site, I won’t be adding non portrait images to it, but if you’re interested in viewing my other images, go to Be forwarned that I have never spent a minute making it pretty, so it is what it is.

Mini Sessions

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I will be having mini sessions on Oct. 11th and November 15th. Mini sessions will be 15 minutes in length with a choice of one of 2 backdrops and using a couple of poses. Mini sessions are not available for newborns or infants, but can be used for children over the age of 2 and for family pictures. Sessions cost $35.00, which includes a $15.00 print credit.

I have ordered a Christmas backdrop and will post it as soon as I get it. I will have it for November 15th and for all sessions booked for Christmas portraits.

I am trying the idea of mini sessions out to see if there is enough interest for this kind of shorter session. Mini sessions, will of course, not result in the same number of images as a longer 1 hour sessions, but you will end up with a few keepsake portraits.

2 goats, 2 horses, 2 ducks, a dog, 2 cats, kittens, etc

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I had so much fun doing the shoot near Anola. What a beautiful spot! And so many animals! The lucky children who live there are C, a 7 year old girl and B, a 9 year old boy. They live in a log house house surrounded by lots of trees and have tons of animals.  I really enjoyed talking to these kids and seeing all of their pets. C was a natural for the camera, not posing, and just being herself. B was a bit more camera shy but did allow me to capture some natural expressions as well. Here are a few of my favorites.


It was a great place to do a shoot. That great textured red background that you see in a couple of the images is their shed. I would have to pay a lot of money for a backdrop that great! And they also have a trampoline, which led to wonderful jumping pictures. How lucky can I get?

Later today I am doing another family shoot with 3 kids at Bunn’s Creek Park, another lovely spot.

Nygard Fashion Show

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the Nygard Fashtion Show at the Kenaston store. It was an amazing experience. I felt like I was an extra on a movie set hired to make it look like the paparazzi were around Peter Nygard. Nygard were very good to us, giving us appetizers and drinks. The models were gorgeous and the clothes were stunning. My favorite set of clothing was right at the beginning.  The models wore red tartan outfits and were accompanied by beautiful west highland white terriers in matching outfits. I have a westie at home and love the little white dogs.

The first image that I am sharing shows the dog, not the model. The next 3 images show some of the beautiful models that were in the show.


This weekend I have 2 family shoots coming up and will share the images as soon as I can.