Costa Rica (Winnipeg Photographers)

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The last 2 days; 3 planes, 2 buses and a taxi! We’re beat but ready for some hiking and adventures. We’re in La Fortuna staying  at a place in the mountains. It’s very beautiful here. We would have a view of the volcano in Arenal but the clouds are in the way. Actually, it’s raining right now.

It was great to see the countryside while on the 5 hour bus trip on a windy, bumpy 2 lane highway.  We even met some odd-looking creatures on the side of the road ([pictured here).  The view of Lake Arenal was taken on the side of the road as well. There was no shoulder on the road in most places so stopping was not an option in most spots!

Until next time!


Costa Rica Here I Come! (Winnipeg Photographers)

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Only 4 more sleeps till I leave for Costa Rica! I’m very excited about all the photos that I’ll be able to take. I’ll be flying to Liberia and then taking the bus to Fortuna. Fortuna is near the volcana in Arenal. Arenál rises 1633 meters above sea level and overlooks Lake Arenál; both are part of Arenál Volcano National Park.  As the country’s most active volcano, Arenál’s eruptions are strombolian in nature, being frequent but moderate and can be viewed without danger as long as the viewers are behind the safety perimeter.  This constant activity and minimal danger makes Arenál a popular tourist destination, especially at night because the lava and incandescent rocks make a spectacular sight.  This is one of seven historically active Costa Rican volcanoes including Poás, Irazu, Mravalles, Orosi, Rincón de la Viaja, and Turrialba.

Take a walk through Samara with us ....

After 3 nights in Fortuna, we are heading to an ocean town named Samara.

“One of the safest and prettiest beaches in the country is Playa Samara…”
Lonely Planet – Destination Costa Rica: Off the Beaten Track

The “What to do” list for Samara includes: snorkelling, boat tours, yoga classes, canopy tours, tropical forest tours, shopping, a refuge for turtles, a few national parks with crocodiles, caves, all kinds of birds, monkeys, and 250 species of birds,  hot springs, another volcano, an African safari wildlife tour etc, etc.

I can’t wait!

The best dog sitter in the world is taking care of Taylor and the house. Taylor and Nikki are best buds! (She stays here all the time and is much tidier than I am!)

Needless to stay the studio will be closed from March 12th to 21st. I will not be returning calls or placing orders. If you would like to contact me, you can send me an email to I’ll be checking my mail a couple of times a day.

China: 2011 (Winnipeg Travel Photography)

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I finished my photo book of my trip to China a couple of days ago and wanted to share it with everyone.

By Christina McWilliams

I used Blurb to make my book. Blurb makes sharing books, as well as selling them very simple. Have a look at my book. If you are interested in buying a copy, you can do so right through the Blurb website.

More Images of China (Winnipeg Photographers)

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These are some of my favorite images from the trip. The first one was taken at a tea plantation. There was a light rain that day, which added to the greenness of the tea leaves. The second on is at a Buddhist Monastery. There were crowds of people at the monastery but I went off to the other side where there were no people. I was so lucky to have gotten this shoot with a monk in it.

The next  3 are from beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou  (one of 36 lakes called West Lake in China!)

Today will be about unpacking, getting groceries and doing laundry. Then, 3 babies coming in a row! It’s the best way for me to get over jet lag; doing something I love to do; ie baby pictures!

China in Bloom (Winnipeg Photographers)


You may wonder why I would go all the way to China and take pictures of flowers. There are a couple of reasons. First of all,  it really is an ugly time of the year in Winnipeg with the brown snow and mushy streets. And it’s so beautiful here. Quite a contrast.  Secondly, the flowers here are amazing. Have a look:

Today has been my best photography day of the trip and maybe even from any trip ever. It’s been that amazing! First of all a tree plantation with lots of women in colourful hats picking tea leaves and an old man who looked just like Confucius digging up the ground. Then the largest monastery in China, where I got some wonderful pictures of monks. Thirdly, another park. This one is called West Lake and is in Hangzhou. There are 36 lakes called West Lake in China, so one needs to say where the West Lake is.

We are in Shanghai now and have one last day here in China. Tomorrow will be another busy 14 hour day. It will take a long time to digest all the wonderful sights we’ve seen.