Kassidy:Cuteness Overload!(Winnipeg Dog Photography)

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There is much more life in our house these days with our new puppy. Kassidy is not only as cute as a button, but is full of beans and has the most wonderful temperament. She has kept us on our toes making sure that she doesn’t chew up our shoes and eat the plants in the house. She has caused our 2 other dogs some stress and they are not particularly happy about this new canine invading their space, but there is some improvement. Zara, who is 6 years old, is not at all impressed with the playfulness of the puppy and must have a sore throat from all of her growling. She has been caught giving Kassidy a few kisses though and has chased and played with her while outside. Maddie is spending a lot of time hiding in corners or staying outside to get away from Kassidy. I am sure that with time Zara and Maddie will accept Kassidy into their pack, especially as we think Kassidy will get bigger than Zara and it will be more dangerous for Zara to pick on a dog that is bigger than her.

Here is our adorable puppy.

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