21 Photo or ChrisMcWilliamsPhotography? Please vote.

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I’ve been thinking about changing the name of my portrait business to 21photo.ca for some time now. I use 21photo.ca for my travel/nature photography and was thinking of changing everything to be under one name.

My reasons for wanting to change it are:

  • It’s a shorter name.
  • I like the sound of it.

My reasons against changing it are:

  • It will take a lot of effort to change my business cards and website to 21photo.ca
  • People already know me as chrismcwilliamsphotography

So I am asking you. Please tell me what you think? Should I change it or leave it as is? I  value your opinion. I know some photographers have done this kind of “rebranding.” Was it worth it? Was it as much work as I think it will be?


Here’s the poll:


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