Three Families on a Weekend (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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It was probably the last weekend for outdoor family sessions and I was happy to be outside shooting. Indoor sessions are good but being outside allows for so much more variety in backgrounds and I love being in nature!

My first session was at Waterfront with this fantastic family of 4. These 2 boys were a ton of fun and although they didn’t smile right away, they couldn’t resist my tactics (Smarties, animal noises etc) for smiles.

isis-10-16-1sm isis-10-16-2sm isis-10-16-3sm

Family number 2 consisted of a fantastic dog and 2 great boys. I loved photographing these super cooperative kids and their dog. This dog, at a year old listens really well and made me feel that my girl dog needs a lot of work!

Aren’t they cute?

angie-kim-10-16-1asm angie-kim-10-16-2sm angie-kim-10-16-3sm

Family number 3 were these 3 lovely ladies. It’s always fun to work with adults as I don’t need to use tricks to get cooperation, making my job easier. This session was at Waterfront, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots to shoot.


I can totally see this as an art print for the wall!



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