Our Two Sons! (Winnipeg Children’s Photographers)

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Family photo sessions are the usually difficult when one of the children is two and a half. Children that are  known for being contrary and obstinate and getting them to cooperate is difficult.

The trick with a 2.5 year old is to get them to forget that you want them to cooperate. Once they are engaged in an activity, they might forget to be contrary and might just smile.

The older brother from this session is 2.5 and is as cute as a button, with his curly dark hair and big brown eyes. The trick was to get him involved in an activity and since there were leaves on the ground, it was easy to get him to throw some at his mom and dad and little brother. His adorable, little brother, at 7 months, was only interested in eating the leaves! I am very pleased with the family pictures that we did get!

Here is a preview of “Our Two Sons.”

sarah-9-16-1sm sarah-9-16-2bwsm sarah-9-16-3sm

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