Lisa and Mike are Married! (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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It was a beautiful September weekend for the 2 weddings that my partner and I photographed this weekend. One was  a formal event at The St. Boniface Gold Course and the other was lake wedding at a cabin in Lac du Bonnet. Both were a ton of fun with many precious moments. Today I am featuring the Lac du Bonnet wedding.

Lisa and Mike had their wedding in their beautifully landscaped yard at their cabin/house in Lac du Bonnet. Lisa and Mike both play hockey, so we got some great shots of them with  hockey sticks. I love sunflowers and they were the featured flowers at this wedding, including one in Lisa’s hair. Lisa was a gorgeous bride and I loved her elegant gown.

It just so happened that the trees were being trimmed in the yard next door to the wedding, so we got some photos with the chain saws and the lumber jacks as well!

I’m glad we took the drive out to this lovely location to photograph Lisa and Mike’s day!

Here’s a preview:

lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-1 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-20

lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-2 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-3 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-4 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-5 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-6 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-7 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-8 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-9 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-10 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-11 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-12 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-13 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-14 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-15 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-16 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-17 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-18 lisa-mike-weddingsm-9-16-19

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