We are Family! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I know it takes a lot of  effort to gather a family of 18 together for a photo session; especially if they are living in different cities. But the benefits of doing it are huge. The photographs from such a session will  mark a date in the history of a family. What a treasure to have!

This Grandma made the effort and  gathered all of her children and grandchildren together for a photo session at The Legislative Bldg in Wpg.  Some family came from as far away as Texas for a family reunion and this photo session was a part of that.

I enjoyed meeting everyone but the stars of the show were the 3 little girls featured in some of these images.  They loved posing and were so good at it too.

Have a look:

donna 7 16-1sm donna 7 16-2sm donna 7 16-4sm donna 7 16-6sm donna 7 16-7sm

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