Two Beautiful Girls! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I had a great time with this family this morning. I hadn’t seen them for almost 2 years and the girls  have gotten so big! It was so nice to connect again.

I love the clothing choices that their mom made for this session; white and pink!

The little ones were impressed when their mom told them that I was the photographer for Princess Sophia. Quite frankly, so was I! (Don’t tell them that it isn’t true!)

I couldn’t pick 3 or 4 images for my blog, so I am adding a few more than usual.

Here are Miss A and Miss E with their parents:

kim 6 16-1sm kim 6 16-7sm kim 6 16-8sm kim 6 16-10sm kim 6 16-11sm kim 6 16-12sm kim 6 16-13sm kim 6 16-14sm


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