Accreditation Images! (Winnipeg Professional Photographers)

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The process of getting accredited with PPOC (The Professional Photographers of Canada), involves getting 10 images accepted in one category. The category I choose was Child and Infant Photography. I did not get all 10 accepted the first time I tried, but I stuck with it and got my accreditation this week.

The process of getting accredited forced me to get to a new level of achievement in my images. It forced me to look at some things that I had not thought of before in my images. It forced me to improve.

And that, at the end of the day, is the point.

These are the 10 images that got accepted:

0480_christina_mcwilliams_12_001_05_15sm 0480_christina_mcwilliams_12_002_7_15sm 0480_christina_mcwilliams_12_004_7_15sm 0480_christina_mcwilliams_12_006_05_15sm 0480_christina_mcwilliams_12_007_05_15sm 0480_christina_mcwilliams_12_008_05_15sm 0480_christina_mcwilliams_12_010_05_15sm ppoc1sm ppoc2sm

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