Saved by the Train! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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What do you do when you are doing a large family portrait with 3 little kids and a 5-year old who won’t cooperate and all of your tricks don’t work? You try peek-a-boo, animal noises, funny faces and your squeaky toy. None of them make the slightest impression on this 5-year old.

And then 2 trains come along that totally fascinate all the kids but especially the unhappy 5-year old?

What I did was to move the whole family to face the trains. And it worked like a charm! It completely changed the countenance of this little guy and the session moved along just fine after that!

Here’s a preview of “Saved by the Train” on Waterfront Drive.

cathy 9 15-2sm cathy 9 15-3sm cathy 9 15-4sm

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