Three Lovely Children! (Winnipeg Children’s Photographers)

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The evening was hot and sultry. The kids were 3, 5 and 7 and were as cute as buttons; 2 girls and 1 boy.  The spot was along the river on Lyndale Drive. It had all the elements of a great photo session.

There was one obstacle: the kids only spoke French and understood a smidgen of English and I only speak and understood a smidgen of French. It was a challenge but I think I won this challenge.

This is the result image:

karine 8 15-505sm

Isn’t it lovely? It might look easy but look at the images leading up to it:

karine 8 15-501sm karine 8 15-502

karine 8 15-504sm karine 8 15-503smIt was like this: “look this way, make a face, make a sad face, stand behind your brother and sister, put your head a bit lower, look at me, some wolf howls coming from me, look at me, close your mouth, open your mouth, put your leg down, be silly, more animal noises (and of course they are understanding very little of this and mom is translating!)  and finally a great picture!

I definitely won the challenge. Don’t you think? BTW: I loved every minute of it!

Here are some of the other great images of these 3 beautiful children:

karine 8 15-500sm karine 8 15-506sm karine 8 15-507sm karine 8 15-508sm


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