Family Photos at the Ledge! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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 I apologize for the delay in getting orders done and sessions edited. I didn’t work the week of Christmas because my son and his family were here and then I injured my back, making it difficult to get computer work done. 

You may wonder what manner of dangerous activity I did to get into this sorry state of pain and limited motion.  The fact of the matter is that all I did was  pick up a wooden spoon and wham! My back went out! That’s all. I hear the same type of story from others who have back injuries; one wrong movement is all it takes. But this will get better and the work will get done. 

But on with the topic of this post.

What is one gift that every parent would love? The families that I have seen in the last few days know the answer to that question; a photo of all their children and grandchildren! And the 2 families featured today are large groups with 6 children and a slew of grandchildren. I thought the Ledge worked well as a location because of the lovely architecture and the front stairs.

Both sessions were amazing. Both groups of grandchildren were cooperative and wonderful to work with. It is families like these that make my day and make me realize how much I love my work as a photographer.

Have a look:

Family #1

randall 12 14-1sm randall 12 14-2sm randall 12 14-3sm randall 12 14-4sm randall 12 14-5sm randall 12 14-6tsm colleen 12 14-1sm

And this is Family #2.


colleen 12 14-2sm colleen 12 14-3sm colleen 12 14-4sm colleen 12 14-5sm colleen 12 14-6sm colleen 12 14-7sm colleen 12 14-8sm


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