And Baby Will Make 4! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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Fall is always a busy time of the year for family photos and this year is no exception. My editing is backed up and you may be waiting longer than you usually do for your gallery.

Please be patient.  The editing will get done, but in the meantime, the weather and the colours outside are amazing and so I am continuing to shoot this weekend. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the snow will come and the leaves will be gone, so I want to be available to take your family photos. The editing can  and will be done once the weather changes.

I did this session a couple of days ago at Kilcona Park. The trees there have lost a lot of their leaves but we managed to find some shade and some colour. (BTW; the best colours right now are in Kildonan Park with all the oak trees).

This little 4-year-old girl was a charmer, with her big smiles,  big, brown eyes and cooperative nature. I loved spending time with her and her parents.

Here is a preview of this session:

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