Family of Six! (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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It was a great day today to do some family photos with this family of 6!

Success today equalled having 4 children under the age of 7  all look at me with some manner of a smile at the same time. Oh yes, and one of them was 2!

Here is the one that worked! It might be the only one that worked. Did I mention one of the kids was two?  These 2 older boys were totally amazing with how grown up and cooperative they were. I think their younger brother will be just like that too in time.

mande 5 14-1sm

What beautiful children! Have a look!

This first one is a definite portfolio image.  Look at those beautiful eyes!

mande 5 14-2bwsm mande 5 14-3sm mande 5 14-4sm

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