Calgary; May 2014 (Winnipeg Photographers)

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I’m in Calgary, my second home, right now. I come here a lot because my son and his family live here and I always have a blast while here! I always get out and take some pictures while here (besides the ones of family), and this time is no exception.

My son took me to the cars shown below a few years ago and we went back to them yesterday. The cars were originally from around the 1940s, meaning that they have probably been in the water for  70 to 80 years. I would love to know the story of how they got to this mountain location with no road access, where they were left to rust and fall apart; making them the perfect spot to get some interesting photos.

I’m sure it would be an intriguing story!

Here’s a few of the car photos that I took:

calgary 5 14-203sm calgary 5 14-204sm cars 5 14-108bwsm cars 5 14-109sm


The sun was out today and Annie, the dog and I wandered around on the hillside and found crocuses and a few other treasures!

calgary 5 14-210sm calgary 5 14-212sm calgary 5 14-214sm calgary 5 14-216sm

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