Awards Won! (Winnipeg Award Winning Photography)

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Last week was the year-end banquet for The Manitoba Camera Club. Part of this event is the annual competition for trophies in a number of categories. I enjoy entering competitions because of the experience of having images critiqued and also for the experience of trying to perfect images to make them ready for competition.

Here are my winners from this year’s annual competition:

I won first place in the Life category for this image that I took while on a boat in a canal in China. This image tells us a lot about the life of people who live along this canal.

S_10_1 Life 2014sm





I won second place in the Life category for this image, which was also taken in China. The dad of this sad little boy was selling food from his cart when I spotted the little boy’s face through the window.

The image makes me wonder why such a small child would be so sad.


S_10_1 street photographysm


Another category that I really like is Contemporary. I love playing with images in Photoshop and also looking for ways of shooting an image that changes the perception of the image.

This first image is done in Photoshop with layer upon layer of a flower and then blending the layers together. I won a first honourable mention for this one.


S_10_1 April 2014sm


This is an example of an image that I shot and then looked at more closely and saw a face peeking through. It is cropped quite a lot from the original image and honestly, I can’t remember what I took a picture of!  But it is an example of practicing the art of seeing.

I won 2nd place in Contemporary for this one.


s_10_2 metal (1sm)


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