All’s Well that ends Well!

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I have driven 5 different vehicles since Dec. 7th; not by choice, but because of some unfortunate circumstances. Here’s a break down of vehicles:

Vehicle 1 was my trusty and loved silver 2010 Rav4, which died a tragic death on Dec. 7th.

rav4 12 13-103
Vehicle 2 was a Chevrolet Equinox that I rented.

Vehicle 3 was a 2012 Rav4; it turned out to be a

You can read about it here:

Vehicle 4 was a Chevrolet Silverado truck that was a rental. I loved driving it but it was a tad big!

Vehicle 5 is a black, 2010 Rav4 that I bought yesterday.


I’m back to where I started. My new Rav4 is black and looks lovely. I hope it ends up being as dependable as Vehicle 1.

At the end of the day, BirchwoodGMC:  (,  came through for me. They gave me my money back on the lemon.  Apparently, they did not have to, but  they did the right thing. They restored my trust and faith in people; especially in people who sell cars. Birchwood  took the panels off the doors and took some of the car apart. They found rust. They don’t know for sure if the car was submerged in water or flooded based on the rust, but it is apparent that there is something wrong with it (I replaced 3 electrical parts in 1 month)  and I am grateful to rid of it. There are some great people working at Birchwood. I would recommend dealing with them. See Tom McKee, the sales manager,  if you go there.

Friedrich Nietzsche said, ” That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” And while this car drama has been stressful, I am still alive and kicking and hopefully learned some valuable lessons, namely DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES buy a car that came from the States!

And don’t give up if you want your money back on a vehicle. I don’t know how many people told, “they will never give you your money back!” They were wrong.

Fight for what you believe in. There is justice in the world!

That and synchronicity.  (Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, where they are unlikely to be causally related.)

a22b1e570896dfbaf6c180de98ee0928As I see it, the events in our lives are interrelated and are there to teach us lessons. It really is magical that the other “drama” in my life exactly followed the time line of the car drama. Both dramas started at the same time and ended on the very same day. It is my belief that the Universe, or my Guardian Angel or a higher power was screaming at me, “This is NOT GOOD for you and the car drama will continue until such a time that you fix the other drama!”

It is fixed. Chapter 65 is starting on a positive note.

There will be 1 vehicle in this next year and it will be a good one!



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