Gratitude and Dancing in the Snow!

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With everything that’s been happening here in the last while; (car issues etc. etc.)  it hasn’t been easy to remain positive or to feel gratitude for the goodness in my life. So with that in mind, I decided it was a good time for me to think about the positives; the things that I feel grateful for and write a blog post about gratitude.


And so in no particular order; here are the things that I feel the most grateful for today:

  • having friends who will talk to me on the phone for hours at a time; someone the other day called it “phone therapy”; very fitting.
  • my dog, who even as I write this, is laying under my legs on the couch. Yes, he is work but he gives me a 1000 times more than I give him.
  • photography; taking pictures of babies and brides and little kids and big kids and all things in between
  • learning to swim; it is so very satisfying to be able to swim laps in the pool and even go into the deep end!
  • coffee
  • the newspaper in the morning delivered to my door
  • the people who shovel my driveway and deck
  • warm socks
  • computers and iPhones
  • driving a big, red monster truck right now
  • lunch with friends
  • my daughter-in-law, who is also one of my favorite people in the world
  • my grandson who makes me laugh and loves my wolf howl
  • laughing
  • smiles from strangers
  • the crunch of the snow under my feet when I walk in the winter and the energy that I get from the cold
  • The Good Wife, Masters of Sex, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black

Have you ever tried to write a gratitude list? I suggest you do.

Wave at me if you see me dancing in the snow tonight!


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