Family of Four! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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I’ve been photographing L since before he was born. Today he came to see me at age 2.5 years old. His mom asked me after the session if I cringed before a 2-year-old came for photos. The honest answer is that no, I don’t. I know what to expect and if it goes better than expected, it’s a treat.

Today did not go better than expected. It went as expected. What can I say? Two is a difficult age. And the fact that I got a smiling photo of this guy is really fantastic! His 4 month old sister is as cute as button and I do love the image of them looking at each other. Honestly, it was the closest I came to getting a great shot of them together. It wasn’t going to happen. It went as expected!

Here’s a preview:

tenley 12 13-1asm tenley 12 13-2sm tenley 12 13-3sm

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