The Energy of a 2 year old! (Winnipeg Child Photographers)

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I love the energy of having kids come to my house to play and have their photographs taken. I love their sweetness and also their mischievousness. I love the challenge of having them stay in one place long enough for me to snap my shutter and get a winning image. Kids change the energy in the house and the energy in my life. I love what I do and enjoyed starting my day out with this 2-year-old boy. I had seen J a year ago and he’s much bigger now and talks a blue streak. And he did really well for a 2-year-old! He loved my cement mixer and is holding it in a lot of the photos but I did manage to trade him for a few other smaller toys during the session. But only for a short time, as the cement mixer was  a huge favorite.

Here’s a preview of this session:

angela 11 13-1sm


angela 11 13-3sm


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