WE DAY Part 2 (Winnipeg Event Photography)

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Here are some of the highlights of my day of photographing  Craig Kielburger at WE DAY and at the events the night before.

As I wrote in my post yesterday, I was impressed with Craig. A couple of the things that struck me about him were how he always took the time to pose with people or shake their hands. It didn’t matter if the people  were Martin Sheen or someone he didn’t know. He was the same friendly person. The other thing that struck me is this. I had previously only seen his onstage presence which is so full of energy and excitement and I was struck by how calm he was off stage. My impression of Craig Keilburger was of a deeply committed young man who is now in charge of a very large and very successful charity. I think Craig and his brother may just be what our troubled world needed.

Thank you to both of them for inspiring our youth and ourselves to do better.

To say this day was a high for me is putting it mildly!

Click on the slideshow below to see these images.

This one of Martin Sheen was taken at   the gala dinner the evening before at the Radison Hotel.we day sm 13-201

An amazing speaker for a 10 year old but also a smile that lit up rooms!



we day sm13-1039


we day sm13-1038

we day sm13-1037 we day sm13-1036 we day sm13-1035 we day sm13-1034 we day sm13-1033 we day sm13-1032

Craig’s willingness to engage with kids and adults was alway apparent.


we day sm13-1031 we day sm13-1030 we day sm13-1029

we day sm13-1028


Is this the singer from Neverest giving the personal assistant to Craig a massage? Her job is no easy task. She has to get Craig to where he is going on time.

we day sm13-1027


we day sm13-1026

These were taken at the press conference where Martin Sheen’s sense of humor was enjoyed by all!

we day sm13-1025


we day sm13-1024 we day sm13-1023 we day sm13-1022


we day sm13-1021 we day sm13-1020 we day sm13-1019 we day sm13-1018

The arrival of former president of Mexico and his very lovely wife.

we day sm13-1017

More of the show.

we day sm13-1016

we day sm13-1015


Love the visuals in this display! WOW!

we day sm13-1014 we day sm13-1013 we day sm13-1012 we day sm13-1011 we day sm13-1010 we day sm13-1009 we day sm13-1008 we day sm13-1007 we day sm13-1006 we day sm13-1005 we day sm13-1004 we day sm13-1003 we day sm13-1002 we day sm13-1001

WE DAY 2013!

WE DAY 2013!

we day sm 13-223 we day sm 13-222 we day sm 13-221 we day sm 13-220 we day sm 13-219 we day sm 13-218 we day sm 13-217 we day sm 13-216 we day sm 13-215 we day sm 13-214 we day sm 13-213 we day sm 13-212 we day sm 13-211 we day sm 13-210 we day sm 13-209 we day sm 13-208 we day sm 13-207 we day sm 13-206 we day sm 13-205

And that of course, is me onstage! With no audience of course!


we day sm 13-204

My apologies on these being in the wrong order. It’s late at night and I am tired and was having trouble figuring out why the order is mixed up.

These next images were taken at the dinner the night before. First is Martin Luther King Jr.

we day sm 13-203

we day sm 13-202





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