WE DAY 2013!!

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This was my third year shooting WE DAY and it was just as exciting this year as it was in the last 2 years.

This year my job was to follow Craig Kielburger!  Craig is a man of astounding energy and drive. It really is amazing what this one man and his brother Mark have done in the last  2 years. We Day is now expanding to the USA and to Great Britain. These 2 men are truly changing the world. The energy is contagious and it is exciting!

Oh yes, that is me on stage. Thank you to my friend Kristen Homeniuk for that!

This is just a start. There are many more images to go through!


we day sm 13-200

we day sm 13-201

we day sm 13-202

we day sm 13-203

we day sm 13-204

we day sm 13-205 we day sm 13-206

we day sm 13-207

we day sm 13-208

we day sm 13-209

we day sm 13-210

we day sm 13-211

we day sm 13-212

we day sm 13-213

we day sm 13-214

we day sm 13-215

we day sm 13-216

we day sm 13-217

we day sm 13-218

we day sm 13-219

we day sm 13-220

we day sm 13-221

we day sm 13-222

we day sm 13-223

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