My Three Sons! (Winnipeg Family Photographers)

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The plan for this family photo session was to do their session on their riverbank property with a lovely walking bridge and the river behind them. Which goes to show that sometimes, the best laid plans do not work. We tried to do some photographs on the riverbank and the images would have been lovely. The river, the huge trees and the bridge are lovely backdrops.

The problem was the wind. It was far too windy to be out there and have anyone looking their best. It blew everyone around and made everyone uncomfortable. Hard to look happy when you are frozen to the bone!

Fortunately, the wind was blocked in front of the house and we had a successful session. It did start to snow as well but I think the snow adds a whimsical touch to the images. It was all a lot of fun.  What a great family!

Here’s a preview of this morning’s session:

june 10 13-2sm

june 10 13-3sm

june 10 13-5sm

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