Family Photography in the Parks! (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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Today was an awesome day for taking family portraits. I started out this morning in Kilcona Park and while  photographing one family, there were 3 other photographers doing the same thing. Then this afternoon, while at Kildonan Park, there were 2 other photographers taking pictures. Later I took my dog out to Bird’s Hill Park and there were a group of people at the homestead getting some family photos done. Lastly, as I was driving home, there was another family at the side of Hwy 59 getting their photos taken.

I’ve never seen a day with so many families out getting their pictures taken. It certainly was a beautiful day and weekend for it.

This is the family I met in Kildonan Park. They have a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old! Two year olds are always a challenge but a pile of leaves and some candies did the trick with this cutie!

Here’s a preview:

bridget 9 13-101sm

bridget 9 13-102sm

bridget 9 13-110sm



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