The People I Meet! (Winnipeg Senior Photographers)

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I’ve said it before and it bears repeating. I meet the most extraordinary people in my job.

My world used to be compressed inside the walls of a school. I loved being there, made life long friends and taught some amazing children, (like Cindy Klassen) .  But it was a very sheltered world in many ways. Now, I meet people from all walks of life and get to talk to people who do all kinds of things.

Today, I met this beautiful young lady,  who just graduated with her Masters in Journalism from Columbia!

whitney barb 9 13-1sm

whitney barb 9 13-2sm


Then my friend, Barb, came for some head shots.  Barb is a very talented graphic artist and has done such work as illustrating Fred Penner’s books. I knew the books before I met Barb.  I had a lot of fun taking some photos of Barb.



whitney barb 9 13-4sm whitney barb 9 13-10sm


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