July Newsletter! (Winnipeg Photography Blogs)

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Happy Summer!

Are you enjoying your summer?

I’m having a great summer and have enjoyed all the sessions that I’ve done outside ( as well as some inside ones). One of my favourite spots that I’ve been using for family portraits is the Legislative Building grounds. I like using the steps of the building for photos as well as some of the trees and benches that are on the grounds.  The fountain is also a great backdrop but is sometimes a bit tricky to use on sunny days. The bears are a huge hit with the kids and lend themselves to some great portraits.

Here are a couple of images that were done at the Ledge:

Other spots that I really like are The Forks, Kildonan Park and Kilcona Park, but I am open to suggestions, so let me know if you have a location in mind.

Summer Days Specials

I am offering a new category of pricing for those who are interested in purchasing the full DVD of images from their session. Instead of paying a session fee of $125, plus $350  for a DVD of all the images ($475), I am reducing the price to $350 (plus $28 PST) for both. A payment of $200 will be due at the time of the session with the balance to be  paid when you receive your DVD. It’s a savings of $125!

I am keeping this pricing for the summer to see if there is any interest.


Did you know that if you purchased a Groupon in the past and are interested in booking another session, I will give you the same deal that you would get if you purchased another Groupon? It’s true. The reason is, that if you purchase a Groupon for the session, I only receive 60% of your payment, so it’s in my best interest to give you the same price as you would get if you bought another Groupon. It’s a win/win situation. You save money and I earn more. Works for me! How about you?

My ad has stopped running for now but I will be posting another Groupon in the fall. 

Julie Goes Back to the 50s!

I had a blast shooting at Julie’s wedding shower a couple of weeks ago. Julie’s future mother-in-law hosted the shower and she wanted to do something a bit different to create some laughs. And laugh we did as you can see from this video! Click on the link below to view it!


The 50s Photo Booth was a great idea for making the shower less formal and considerably more fun! Here are a couple of the images from the shower.

The possible themes for bridal shower photo booths are endless. How about
lingerie (or a pin-up of someone in a sexy outfit) or the beach,
or the 70s? I think a gaudy wedding dress and veil along with some
 tacky flowers would make for some great photo booth pictures as well.Let your imagine go, come up with an idea or talk to me about one and we can
plan your fun photo booth together. Email me if you are interested and I will put
a package together for you!

And Finally

Something funny;

And something to think about.

Yours in Photography,

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