In My Own Backyard (Winnipeg Photographers)

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Sometimes we think we have to go somewhere to take great photos, and although I love going places to take pictures, I decided to see what I could find in my own yard, and I have to say, I was really surprised.

I love spider webs and have quite a few of them but the one shown below, which by a rusting plant bracket really struck me. My climbing rose is in bloom and with the sun’s directional light it looked really pretty.  Then, I have a family of rabbits living under my deck and one of the larger ones was out for his evening meal. Fortunately, he was eating grass and not my lilies! The biggest surprise was in my bird bath, where I found some seeds had blown in and a few had sprouted.

Why not challenge yourself to see what you can find in your yard? I bet you would be surprised as well!

backyard 7 13-1sm







backyard 7 13-2sm


backyard 7 13-3sm


backyard 7 13-4sm


backyard 7 13-6sm

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