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Everyone has a digital camera these days so why hire a professional?

Some people invest a great deal of money into a DSLR camera so that they never have to hire a professional. It may sound  like a great idea, but I think, that  if your intention is to avoid hiring a professional to take photographs of your children and your family by taking them yourself, you will come to regret it.

For one thing,  just because you spend a lot of money on a camera, it does not make you a good photographer. Even if you are a great photographer, it does not mean that you will know how to take photos of newborns.

pretty hammer

I had one professional photographer come to see me for her newborn photos. That may seem strange to readers, but the fact is that just because you photograph children, grad pictures, families and weddings does not mean that you know how to photograph a newborn.

Here are a few things that  newborn photographers do that other photographers  probably will not.

Professional newborn photographers will:

  • Prepare you for your session so that you know ahead of time what the process will be; including when to feed and what to bring.
  • Make sure that the studio is set up for your newborn. This will include the temperature of the studio and white noise.
  • Not limit the length of time that it takes to do the session.
  • Have a variety of colours and texture of blankets, hats, headbands and containers for babies available.
  • Have separate room for you to feed your baby so that you feel comfortable.
  • Do the  laundry afterwards so that you don’t need to worry about the blankets that get pee and poop on them. (Yes that always does happen and it doesn’t phase me in the least.)


Lastly, the other problem with never hiring anyone to take your newborn or family photos, is that you will never be in them unless you use a timer and a tripod and set things up and rush to get into the picture. And how relaxing and fun is that? Can you imagine this mother doing that and getting this image?


Hiring a professional newborn photographer is a decision that you won’t regret. Those tiny fingers and toes grow so quickly. Get the best possible photographs of them while they are so small!


Call me at 204-962-3424 or email me at chrismcwilliamsphotography@gmail.com if you are interested in talking about a newborn session.


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