Aboriginal Pow Wow 2013 (Winnipeg Event Photographers)


I went to the Forks yesterday and photographed some of the aboriginal dancing at the Pow Wow. You will notice that I took  a lot of images of one particular dancer as he caught my eye with his beautiful indigenous regalia , his intense expressions  and his dancing.

powwow 6 13-1

powwow 6 13-2

powwow 6 13-3

powwow 6 13-4

powwow 6 13-5

powwow 6 13-6

powwow 6 13-7

2 thoughts on “Aboriginal Pow Wow 2013 (Winnipeg Event Photographers)

  1. Hi Chris,

    These are beautiful photos. I always appreciate the beauty and creativity involved towards designing the dance regalia. Please note, we do not use the term “costume” as that implies dressing up as something or someone you’re not. Rather, indigenous regalia reflects our culture and heritage. My comments are intended to inform and not be critical in any way. Thank you.

    Best regards,

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