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It’s finally summer!

I love all things summer. It’s my season. I love the longer days, the flowers growing, the heat (but not humidity), the neighbours being outside; I love summer clothes, wearing skirts and dresses; I love having a cold beer on a hot afternoon; I love the lake. I could go on and on, but you get my point. Summer is my season!


assiniboine park 6 11-6


So in celebration of my favorite season and just because; I am offering a coupon that will reduce the price of all products on my website by  50%.  That includes prints, single digital downloads and other products, but does not include shipping or the Highland Dancing pictures (They are already listed at the discounted price). It includes all galleries, whether listed or unlisted. If you are interested in purchasing prints etc, and your gallery is no longer listed, send me an email (, and I will relist it. I have galleries available from a number of years ago.
The coupon code is “cmphotospecial.” Simply use the “buy” tab on my website and when you check out type in the code. Simple!

The coupon will not apply to the price of multiples of digital downloads. In other words, the price of a download is $50 plus tax and the coupon will reduce it by 50%. It will not reduce the 5 for $109 price. It also doesn’t apply if you order products or downloads through me.

It’s only effective for 2 weeks, so don’t delay taking advantage of this special.



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