Spring Sprint 2013 (Winnipeg Event Photography)

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Today was my third time being a volunteer photographer for  Spring Sprint and it was heart warming to see how many people came out. Spring Sprint is a fundraiser towards research to finding new ways to treat brain tumors. Everyone at the event had a reason for being there. My reason is my niece Shauna. Shauna was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few years ago. At the time that she was diagnosed gamma knife surgery was not an option because of where her tumor is located. Research has come a long way since then and six months ago, Shauna was able to have gamma knife surgery to shrink her tumor. You can read about Shauna’s journey on her blog http://arewethereyetblog.typepad.com/are-we-there-yet/2012/11/feeling-lucky.html.

Today was a perfect day for a walk. Here are a few images from this morning’s event.

If you are in one of these pictures and if you are interested in getting a full size digital copy, email me at chrismcwilliamsphotography@gmail.com and I will send it to you.  The ones on the blog are low resolution, small files.


panorama 5 13

spring sprint 5 13-100

spring sprint 5 13-101

spring sprint 5 13-102

spring sprint 5 13-103

spring sprint 5 13-104

spring sprint 5 13-105

spring sprint 5 13-106

spring sprint 5 13-107



spring sprint 5 13-108

spring sprint 5 13-115

spring sprint 5 13-116

spring sprint 5 13-117

spring sprint 5 13-118

spring sprint 5 13-119

spring sprint 5 13-120

spring sprint 5 13-121

spring sprint 5 13-122

spring sprint 5 13-123

spring sprint 5 13-124

spring sprint 5 13-125

spring sprint 5 13-126

spring sprint 5 13-128

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