The Cost of Wedding Photography (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

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I had this conversation with a future bride yesterday:

Her: I’ve been busy planning my wedding.

Me: When is it?

Her: This summer

Me: Who is doing your photography?

Her: One of my neighbours has just started doing photography and he has offered to do for a low price.

Me: Has he done a wedding before?

Her: I think he’s done a couple.

Me: Are you confident that he will do a good job?

Her: Yeah, well, sort of.

I have similar conversations all the time and I’ve also had conversations with brides whose wedding pictures were a disaster.

Are you willing to take a chance on your pictures being a mess?

I found yet another survey where participants stated that they wished they had spent more on their wedding photos. This one is from New York magazine. 100 recent brides were asked what they would do differently on their wedding day if they could do it all again.

These are the results.


21% wish they had spent more on their wedding photos. 

What about the posed photos of family that make brides cringe? Well, that one is hard on everyone, photographers included but they are standard and I think brides would regret it if they didn’t have them. They can be done in a less posed manner though. You can ask your photographer if you don’t want a posed look.

Hindsight is 20/20. Don’t take a chance with a photographer who you are sort of confident with on  your Big Day!

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