Taylor (Winnipeg Pet Photographers)

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The fact is that Taylor is my dog. The truth is that Taylor is much more than just my dog. He is my constant companion and the best friend a girl could have.

It wasn’t always that way. Taylor used to be just a dog. Things changed as life changed. Taylor went from being in a house with 4 adults and a dog friend, to a house where it’s just him and me. And I went down the same path. It’s been a good path and  Taylor and I went down it together.

Taylor became more than a dog after I had to put Mac to sleep. You can read about that in a previous post.


Something changed after Mac was gone. I became much more attached to Taylor and he became my dog. He is at my feet as I write this. He is always beside me and sometimes will even lay on top of me and snuggle.

Taylor is 12 this month and I wonder how much longer he has left. I hope he lives for many more years but the reality of it is that he probably has 2 or 3 good years left. Taylor has diabetes but is doing really well. I think he had been feeling awful for a while before he was diagnosed but since his sugar levels have been under control, he’s been doing great.

In case you think this furry white creature is an angel, think again. He has 2 huge stubborn streaks.  One is walking on a leash. Although I’ve tried getting him to walk using treats, he is resistant. He constantly puts on the brakes spoiling any kind of enjoyment from a walk, as well as wrenching my back.  He loves the dog park where he is free to wander and I have the patience of a saint when I take him there. It’s his time and I wait while he sniffs all the pee mail on the snow. It must be doggie heaven!

The other time he is annoying is when it’s time to cut his nails. I have cut the nails of 3 other dogs and none compare to how difficult it is to cut Taylor’s nails. I persist but it is a huge battle.

Aside from nail cutting and walking, Taylor is a gentle and sweet dog and people who come to meet him are always amazed at how calm he is. He loves to sit on top of the couch and watch as clients are coming or going from a session. I don’t let him come down unless clients request seeing him. He is more than happy to oblige!

My favorite dog ever; that’s Taylor!

kam 11 12-4

These 2 were taken yesterday at the dog park. Don’t you love his little blue jacket? Looks so cute against the snow and his white fur.

carrie 3 13-100sm

carrie 3 13-101sm

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