Clothing Choices for a Portrait Session (Winnipeg Family and Children Photographers)

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One of the questions I get asked the most is “what should we wear for our session?”  It’s an important question and one that I’m going to deal with in this blog post.

Family Portraits

  • The most important suggestion that I have re:clothing for a family session  is to avoid logos, bold stripes  and patterns. Your portrait should be about your face and not your clothing (unless it’s for an advertisement!)
  • Stick to solid colours.
  • If you are doing a family portrait it is best if everyone is wearing clothing in the same colour scheme.
  • A white top and denim with a white background is one of my favorite combinations. Denim works well outside with black, white or almost any colour.
  • You can  bring more than one outfit to a session.

triasha 10 11- (16sm)

chantal 6 12- (6sm)

  • It is often difficult to get family members to wear the same colours. That’s one of the times that I think black and white works best. After all, the focus should be on your family’s faces and not their clothing. Right?

diane 11 12- (2sm)


  • Children  look best in simple clothing and plain colours but if your son is attached to his Superman outfit, bring it along!
  • Avoid collars with small children as they tend to slide up and block their faces.
  • Bring a few outfits.
  • Newborns and children under the age of one have gorgeous skin and nothing shows off their natural innocence more than being naked or wearing just a diaper.
  • White gives a natural clean look to portraits of children.

leland 11 12- (5sm)

angela 11 12 (38sm)

angela 11 12- (1)


  • A long-sleeved lacy white blouse with a few buttons opened to show your bump is a great look.
  • Some pretty lingerie or being nude are also great options.
  • A cropped top and black pants works well with a black backdrop. This look is about creating mood with shadows and highlights.

laura 9 12- (2sm)

More Examples

Still stuck?  Have a look at these 2 Pinterest pages that offer a ton of suggestions for clothing choices. Don’t you love Pinterest!

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