Calgary Dec. 2012

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I was in Calgary a week ago visiting my son and his family. I did get a few family pictures of them that I’ll post another day, but today’s post is about some of the nature photos that I managed to get while there.

I was there for 5 days, but the sun only came out one of the days.  Cloudy skies are great for portrait photography but don’t work well for landscapes as the light is flat. On this particular day, I went to one of my favourite spots for pictures; the bridge area in Edworthy Park. There is a very small waterfall near the bridge but because the water goes straight down and because you can stand right above it you can get some very interesting images.  As well, there was ice and snow mixed in with the water. My only wish for this outing was that I had brought my neutral density filter along and my fingerless gloves. My hands were freezing!

Really funny how one of my copyright images did a flip. I’m learning to use a Mac and also learning a new Photoshop edition. I never noticed the flip until it was uploaded. Looks kind of neat, don’t you think?

Here are some of the images from this day:

calgary 12 12-100sm

calgary 12 12-115sm

calgary 12 12-139sm



calgary 12 12-153-2sm


calgary 12 12-155-2sm


calgary 12 12-175sm


calgary 12 12-512-2sm


calgary 12 12-515sm



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