Fun, Fun and more Fun! (Winnipeg Children’s Photographers)

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I had to use almost every trick in my book to get this cute little two-year old to cooperate today.  Two year olds, as many of you know, have very short attention spans and always have their own agendas. Photographing a two-year old is basically getting what you can while they are happy playing at something. And being quick about it too. So this little sweetie liked beads and feathers and bubbles and bangles and she liked Christmas balls and Snoopy and a few other things, but none for long!

Her big four-year old brother, on the other hand, was so easy. He did as he was told and sat where he was supposed to. He really loved riding the reindeer. I love his “ho ho ho” picture. Would be awesome on a Christmas card!

I’m really happy to have gotten some big smiles from these 2 and to have been able to capture that. But I would never say that it was easy. It was fun though. And it was rewarding. When I look at their pictures, I smile.

I think they’ll make you smile too!

This first one is my favorite. If I were to put a caption on it, it would say BLISS! Love it!

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