Image of the Month! (Manitoba Camera Club)

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I got the top prize last month at the Manitoba Camera Club for this image.

Image of the Month: October 2012

The theme for this month’s competition was: Peace and Tranquility

Photographer: Christina McWilliams

The theme for this month’s competition was “Peace and Tranquility.” What the words peace and tranquility bring to my mind are babies sleeping or looking peaceful. Babies fill me with a peaceful feeling, which is a large part of the reason that I love to photograph them.
I picked this image in particular because of its composition and because of the beauty of this baby. The baby’s eyes draw us in and then we follow the dad’s gaze back to the baby. The difference in skin texture between the softness of the baby and the rough beard of the dad is also a strong element, as are the lines formed by the dad’s hands and the baby’s hands. On closer analysis you can see there are a series of triangles in the shape of the arms, the hands and the positioning of the baby.
The emotional connection with this images is one that leaves the viewer feeling peaceful and tranquil.

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