Cute Santa Baby (Winnipeg Children’s Photographers)


A few days ago I put out the call for a one-year old model for an ad and was lucky enough to get this cutie patoodie, who came to visit this morning with her mom and her sister. I have so many adorable pictures of her but can’t decide which one to use for the ad, so I would like to know what you think. I have them numbered as 1, 2, 3 or 4. Which is your favorite? I put a short poll at the end of this post. Message me, or vote for your favorite.

Here they are:





6 thoughts on “Cute Santa Baby (Winnipeg Children’s Photographers)

  1. Either #2 or #4, though I really like how the colours in #3 have almost a more sepia or toned down colouration!!!

  2. These are all awesome photos! Iit’s diifficult to choose a favourite, but if I had to #3 would get my vote. I love the expression and the coloring.


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