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A new year at The Manitoba Camera Club began yesterday, on Sept. 4th. MCC as our club is known has been a great learning experience for me as well as lots of fun. I have made many wonderful friends there who share a love of photography. And you can too.

If you love photography and want to learn more; then this club is an excellent opportunity for you. We meet every Tuesday from the beginning of September, until the end of April; a total of about 35 meetings. (There is a break in December.)

Here are some of the reasons to join:

  • Where can you get an evening of entertainment and learning for around $3.50 a night?  At $100 for the year, that’s all a meeting comes to.
  • You will find a community of like-minded people who are willing to share their expertise.
  • Some of the “experts” who are members include:

Joe Kerr, is an expert in both Lightroom, Photoshop and in fine art printing

Myself,  an expert in newborn, child and family portraiture.

Barry Streimer, who is an expert art framer and night  photographer.

The list could go on and on.

  • Other photographers who are experts in their field will be doing presentations this coming year. This list includes:

Alexandra Morrison named photographer of the year twice in Manitoba and once in Canada,                    nature-photography-central.html,

Mike Grandmaison,, a nature photographer in a class all his own.

Manuel Sousa;; one of our favorite presenters, an expert in wedding photography, as well as travel photography.

There are many others; too many to mention.

  • There is the chance to go on field trips to places you might not venture out to. Next Tuesday, the 11th, we are going to shoot in the Exchange District in the evening. Would you venture out there by your self at night? I know, I would not. This past summer, field trips have included: The Selkirk Rodeo, fireworks at the Red River Exhibition and at the Forks for Canada Day, The RCMP Ride, the car show in Beausejour, The Northern Lights in Meadows, Mb, and many more.

So the question really is; why wouldn’t you join? If you are interested in photography, joining will be one of the best decisions you could make.

Check out our website at: for more information or join our Facebook page at:

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