Third Time is Perfect! (Winnipeg Child Photographer)

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Today was my third time meeting with 14 month old S and his family. The first time S had 6 adults with him; both sets of grandparents and his mom and dad. The first time S was teething and was not a happy guy. The second time S had just his mom and dad with him. S was happy for long enough to get some adorable smiles with his parents but then it all fell apart. It was a different story today. S came with his mom today and was full of  smiles!

Sometimes it is just a bad day for a child. What should you do if you know it will be bad? Call me and we can discuss another date. I want to be able to get great photos of your child. I will do what it takes. It has never taken 3 sessions before but that’s what it took and that is okay. I guarantee great photos!

Here is a preview of this adorable 14 month old and his big smiles!


I love the angle of this one and his cute little grin.


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