R.I.P. iPhone Scrabble

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How can they do this to me and all the other Scrabble addicts?

Typically, I would play iPhone Scrabble any time that I had a few minutes; in a line up at Timmy’s, waiting at the doctor’s office, needing an afternoon break from life, but especially when I went to bed; before falling asleep and upon awakening. I tried to quit. I had set a goal of 500 games and then stopping. It didn’t happen. I couldn’t seem to stop. Last night, my last day of playing Scrabble, I was up to about 550 games and a score of 1860. But all of that is now in the past.

I went to bed last night feeling really tired after 8 hours of shooting for fun. I was ready for a couple of rounds of Scrabble and sleep. Neither happened.

When I clicked on my Scrabble icon, the game I had come to love did not come up. Something foreign had taken its place. Not to be deterred, I persisted and did a new log in. Nothing. I tried powering off my phone and restarting it. Nothing. Or rather this:







I spent about an hour trying to get my beloved game back;  thinking I was missing something. Where were my games? Where were my stats?

Trying to sleep was useless.

I got up and worked on some images. I looked on-line for a solution. It seems that there is none. EA, the makers of Scrabble, decided to do an upgrade. An upgrade that is complicated, not user-friendly and with a board that looks nothing like the original Scrabble board.

Finally, around 2:45, I thought I need to get some sleep. What to do? Read? I had no book. I used to be a voracious reader; before photography and iPhone Scrabble. So reading was out.

I lulled myself into a restless sleep playing Hangman; a poor alternative to Scrabble.

I plan to visit the library today. I’m going back to reading. I do miss it. I will not play this ridiculous board and start all over again with my stats.

If anyone has a good book and can help me get over Scrabble withdrawal let me know. I need some sleep!


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