Our Four Sons (Winnipeg Family Photography)

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Can you imagine having 4 sons under the age of 5? Now, can you imagine having 4 boys under the age of 5 and trying to get them all to cooperate for a family photo? Now, add into this mix, that the two youngest, who are 17 month twins, are both sick with colds?  Yeah, sometimes, it just isn’t pretty! I give this mom and dad credit. They both look really good and it cannot be easy.

We did get some posed family photos but these are my favorites. I asked them to line the kids up and then run/walk towards me. I lucked out and they ran in the right direction! I even got hugs from the little guy in the blue every time he got up to me! Which just goes to prove, that if you harness that energy, you will get good results!

Here are some favorites:



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