Selkirk Rodeo (Winnipeg Event Photography)

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Yes, you read it right. I went to the Selkirk Rodeo with one of the people from the Camera Club. I had never photographed at a rodeo before and have probably only been to a couple in my life but I was curious and was ready to try something new, so I went along. It was hot but worth the trip. I got some great images of the horses in the competition. I don’t have time to develop very many, so unfortunately, I can only show 2 here.

I have a ton of other editing to do and will be getting it done in the next week. Sorry for the delay if you are waiting for your gallery. I will get caught up next week.

These are 2 of my favorite images. I think I have eye contact with the horse in the first one and I love the girls’ ¬†expressions in both of them. You can see the speed and power of these horses!

I’m going out to shoot the Aurora tomorrow night. Keeping my fingers crossed on getting some great images!

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