Uncle Bob will be your Wedding Photographer! Good idea? Or not? (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)


Sometimes I find an article online that I want to highlight and comment on. This is one of them. If you haven’t read this true story; read it now. If you are getting married and have a friend or a family member who owns an SLR  doing your wedding photos, you need to pay particular attention to this.

Owning a DSLR doesn’t make someone a photographer!

Read this:

Couple lose all images of their wedding after photographer loses memory card on boozy night out

‘We have spent hours looking through rubbish outside the pub and putting up posters’

Yahoo! News (SW News)Yahoo! News (SW News) – Fri, Jun 15, 2012

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A couple have been left with no photographs of their wedding after the photographer lost the memory card containing the pictures during a boozy night out.

Jackie Sanderson, 22, and husband Adam, 30, had spent nine months planning their dream wedding at St Mary The Virgin Church in Par, Cornwall.

They agreed to let their friend Ben Fagan – a budding professional photographer – take the pictures to help boost his portfolio.

Jackie and Adam Sanderson hold the frame which should have held their wedding pictures Picture: SWNS

After the wedding Ben, 24, tucked the memory card into his wallet and left it there for a week before taking it to a funeral.

But after the wake he got very drunk and was kicked out of a pub during a scuffle during which his jacket – still containing the wallet – was lost.

Jackie and Adam returned from their honeymoon a week later to be told all their images had been lost.

They have been left with just two muzzy images from the disposable cameras they left for guests on the tables.

Jackie, who lives in St Blazey, Cornwall, said: ’I am absolutely gutted. We can’t even talk about the wedding now, the whole thing has left a bitter taste in our mouths.

One of only two pictures which Jackie and Adam have of their wedding day Picture:SWNS

‘It was such a wonderful, perfect day. Both of us said that we were only going to get married once, so we made it really special.

‘I thought we were doing Ben a favour by letting him take our pictures and now this. I am so upset and angry about it.
‘I know that it was just a horrible accident but who loses their wallet after getting that drunk? He hasn’t even called me up to say sorry.

‘He can’t remember when he lost his jacket. We have spent hours looking through rubbish outside the pub and putting up posters.

‘I am just so disappointed. All I wanted was one picture of us standing outside the church on our wedding day to put up in our home. Now we don’t have that.

‘He was the only one really taking any pictures. We did put disposable cameras on the tables but people didn’t use the flash so hardly any have come out.

‘All we’ve been left with is a few shots of the back of our heads after we walked out of the church.’

Jackie and Adam, who met while working together, began planning their dream wedding nine months ago.

They invited 60 family and friends from around the world to celebrate with them at St Mary The Virgin Church in Par, Cornwall, on May 25.

The newlyweds then enjoyed two days in a five star hotel in Fowey, Cornwall, before spending six days in the Cotswolds.

After the wedding, Ben slipped his 16 GB memory card from his camera into his wallet, which he then put into his black suit jacket for a friend’s funeral on Friday June 1.

But he lost the jacket in Lostwithiel as he brawled with a friend – either before or after being thrown out of the pub by the landlord.

Ben was unable to find the jacket that evening and subsequent searches have failed to turn it up.

He said: ‘I’m absolutely devastated to have lost my best friends’ photos of the best day of their lives. It’s on my mind constantly. I thought my wallet was the safest place.’

Jackie, a hotel receptionist, has scoured the town and put up posters appealing for anyone who has seen the memory card and jacket to come forward.She added: ‘There are so many memories we won’t get back. My dad died two years ago so my mum, Alison Jones, walked me down the aisle instead.’Two of my sisters were bridesmaids and I know there were so many lovely pictures. I am so desperate to see them.’People have suggested doing a mock wedding to take more photos but we just can’t afford it and it is not the same.’Jackie and hotel manager Adam are hoping to leave for a two-year trip to New Zealand in late July and say it would be a “dream come true” to have the pictures before they leave.

This kind of thing has happened before and it will happen again.
Professional wedding photographers take steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen to your photos.
This is how I handle your wedding images:
  • I keep all memory cards from the day in a hip sack that stays on me.
  • I have a second shooter with me for most of the day.
  • I download the cards as soon as I get home.
  • I make a duplicate copy of the images and put them into another location on the off-chance that my house burns down.

By doing those things, I am positive, that unless something catastrophic happens, I will not lose your images.

Are you willing to take a chance with an inexperienced photographer like the people in the Yahoo story?

I hope not.

3 thoughts on “Uncle Bob will be your Wedding Photographer! Good idea? Or not? (Winnipeg Wedding Photographers)

    • I was aiming my comment at all of the people out there who try to save money on their wedding photography by having a family member or a friend, who are NOT wedding photographers, shoot their wedding. If your uncle is a wedding photographer, then of course, you would be wise to use him.

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