Bragg Creek and Kananaskis (Winnipeg Photographers)

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Today was a great day for photography in the Calgary area; puffy white clouds in the sky and snow still on the creeks and ponds made for some stunning scenes.

Photos will follow but first an interesting story from today.

I’m here looking after some beasts and my 10-year-old grandson. Ashton, my grandson, comes out with some very interesting comments. Today was no exception.

One of his favorite places in Calgary is Market Mall, so we headed there today. I had my Map Quest directions to follow so I would find it. Good plan right? I have no sense of direction but am usually fairly competent at following written instructions. Today was not one of those days. I made at least 4 wrong turns trying to get there. At one point, Ashton told me to go one way, but I thought I was supposed to go the other way, so I didn’t listen to him.

His comment to me was,” And who has lived in Calgary their whole life?” (Never mind that it’s only 10 years as compared to my 10x? years!)

Well, I did find the mall eventually and guess what I did on the way back? I let him direct me and we got home with no wrong turns!

Bravo Ashton!

Here are my favorite pictures taken today:

(Just a note; there are some sun flares in some of them. CS5 has a great tool to remove spots like that but I only have CS3 on my laptop, so will wait until I get back home to remove them.)

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